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We provide a Short Range enterprise wireless connection in areas conventional connections do not exist.

Short range is defined as a very small office space up to several city blocks. Our wide area network services are provided by commercial quality fiber lines. It’s delivered through our point to point connections to (or close to) your facility. We then transmit our services over the air to the individual computers that need a connection to our network. This means each computer is completely portable within the coverage area and is free to move from desktop to meeting rooms within the office space; from the living room to the kitchen or bedroom in a presonal living space WITHOUT ANY WIRES.

Now your laptop computer is truly a laptop, free to move with you while maintaining a connection to the network. Your Desktop computer is now free from wires or expensive hardware in a fixed location. You can put your desktop in any room, or any location you want without the concern for a wired connection..

Do you use a Palm device or Pocket PC??? Imagine a pocket device having full network access at the touch of your fingers!

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